Cayenne losing packets forwarded by gateway - LoRaWAN

Dear All, Does any one have seen the same problem? I am curious what happens to the lost packets?

I have seen a Cayenne packet loss issue with ** SodaqOne Universal Tracker v2 - 4.6.0 ** on web interface. Packets are received at gateway, according to gateway tap.Cayenne Packets Lost from Gateway Log - 20170807.txt (35.0 KB)
cayenne screen dump

Some of the packets are lost as they are not visible on Cayenne while few of them are visible at Cayenne. Please see attached logs. Gateway used is Kerlink and NS is Loriot.
Thanks. Regards, Adeel.

Hi Adeel,

If you share the DevEUI for your device I can look and see if we’re recieiving each pack you’re expecting on our end.

Are you noticing this just with the GPS widget, or with all of your widgets? I know that the GPS widget has some code to avoid “GPS Drift”, where a stationary device sends many similar (but never same) GPS values, and some are discarded to avoid a map that looks like this:

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