Data lost after page refresh and "no data available"

My data is visible on the dashboard in real time, but when I refresh the page the values are gone. I am using a test program on my computer which just pushes a payload containing two sensors to a LoRa module.

I use The Things Network integration. Packets arrive just fine in the console. This is my payload:
UINT8 data = {
1, LPP_TEMPERATURE, HIGH(255), LOW(255), // 25.5 C
2, LPP_RELATIVE_HUMIDITY, 20 // 10.0 %

// send confirmed radio message
WiMOD_LoRaWAN_SendCRadioData(port, data, sizeof(data));

Graphs dont seem to work either. As a test I send a packet about once every minute containing the same payload. The graph view says “no data available.”

Thanks in advance!

Browser: Chrome V58.0.3029.110 (64-bit)
OS: Windows 10, Pro

HI @kvanvliet, welcome to the Cayenne Community.

It’s expected that the Live data view would clear on page refresh, this only draws to the widget when it is being actively viewed. The data points are still being logged to our cloud server.

It’s also expected that each of the historical views ‘last 10 minutes’, ‘last 60 minutes’, ‘last 24 hours’ (and so on) would show ‘no data available’ until such time as there is enough data to populate each of them. So if you connect a sensor, I wouldn’t expect the ‘last 10 minutes’ view to populate until there have been at least 10 minutes passed, etc.

If that much time has passed and you are still not seeing data in these views, please do let us know about it, as something else could be up