Dragino LDDS75

Hello. I am using a Dragino LDDS 75 sensor for water level in a Cattle drinking trough.

I am curious as to how often the dashboard updates?

The sensor is reading and sending data every 20 minutes according to the sensor information in the Helium Console.

Would anyone know how often the dashboard updates please?

This depends on how the device interval is set to send the uplink. You can change the interval using downlink command provided in the datasheet.

Hi, thanks for your time.

This is the information I see in Helium console for the device, it looks like uplink is every 20 minutes or am I looking at the wrong page?

Thank you.

Uplink interval is default to 20 min for ldds75

Hi, thanks for the link.

I do however have that pdf l, I read it around a month ago and am well aware that the device default uplink is 20 minutes, this I mentioned in my first post.

My question was, how often does the dashboard update? I have the device registered on the Helium Console and have forwarded the data to MyCayenne Devices dashboard, it is this dashboard I’m wondering how often it updates itself.

i have already mentioned it.

Hi thank you, you’ll have to forgive my ignorance to all of this, it’s a new world to me sensors and dashboards.

I have just found the data reporting part of the dashboard, it does appear that the dashboard is reporting every 20 min as it should, it does however appear that the issue is my end, the dashboard I note is reporting data, just not the distance from the sensor which I think,is an error with the sensor and not the dashboard.

Once again thanks for your time, have a good day :))

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