End-of-Life Announcement for Cayenne

End-of-Life Announcement

We hope this message finds you well. After careful evaluation, we have made the difficult but necessary decision to announce the end-of-life for Cayenne services.

Reasons for Termination:

  • Lack of Maintenance: The Cayenne service has been unmaintained for an extended period, making it increasingly challenging to provide the level of service you expect and deserve.

  • Shift in Focus: As we aim to offer more robust and scalable solutions, we are shifting our focus to our commercial product, which does include a freemium offering.

  • End-of-Life Service Date: 9/18/2023

What This Means for You:

  1. Data Backup: We strongly encourage you to back up all your data stored on our platform before the Last Effective Service Date.
  2. Transition Plans: We recommend transitioning to our commercial product, which offers both premium and freemium plans for deployments of 50+ devices.

We deeply appreciate your business and support over the years and understand that this transition may cause inconveniences.

Use the following form to reach out to us: Support Form

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Firstly THANKS for keeping things going for as long as you have. It has been a great ride :slight_smile: We would like to know how much can be ported over… E.g. and in our case we have a dozen or so projects that are Pi based running python MQTT. Is there going to be a sand box for existing Pi and python manual MQTT type interfacing ? This environment has been great for educational IT + IoT + STEM in schools around NZ. Togther with live enviro data (penguin nesting, climate, flood monitoring etc )
~ Andrew

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Hi Guys - its fine to EOL something but two weeks notice is crazy! Unless there is a simple and straightforward path to migrate existing devices to the commercial platform we cant acheive those timelines due to the logistics of accessing devices many hundreds of km’s away let alone rewrite software etc! I plead that you reconsider the timeframe and extend it to something we can actually work within :frowning:

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I’m looking at the myDevices offering and CANNOT see any way to use out existing devices with it - how do you add a custom Arduino based device??? At this stage it looks like everything is dead in the water within two weeks :frowning:

:pray: We would like to offer some migration/transition options. We are also considering open sourcing some part of the Cayenne service. We’ll be reviewing the google form responses and base on the user submissions, we’ll provide documentation.

The EOL service date is not a hard deadline, so don’t worry about that.

Needs to be some plans on the commercial service to allow cayenne users to migrate their devices - we all don’t need 1000 device plans and a lot of us will have completely custom solutions that need somewhere to go - what i can see on myDevices it only supports 3rd party commercially produced products with QR codes that can be scanned (maybe i’m missing something so please correct me!)

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Thankyou for clarifying that - otherwise it was panic stations!

I would plead for basic MQTT brokerage would allow some breathing space for Pi + Python custom scripting around here.

Hi all,

We regret to inform you that, following careful internal deliberation, we will be discontinuing Cayenne earlier than we had initially communicated. We fully understand the implications of this decision and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

For those seeking an alternative, I’ve initiated a project named Zafron. While this project supports the Cayenne MQTT protocol, please note that it’s an independent initiative and might not provide a seamless migration experience.

Thank you for your understanding, and we genuinely appreciate your continued support over the years.