GlobalSat LS-134

I succeeded in integrating an LS-134 sensor into the The Things Network Console server and when pressing the test button on the sensor I received a LORA frame including the correct Payload with the value 0x04 in the 7th bytes.
However, when I look on my Cayenne dashboard on which I declared the sensor (Good Dev EUI), I do not receive any data while for other sensors everything is working fine?
Do you have an idea of the problem ?

can you private message me your DevEUI.

can you check on the top right corner if the network in TTN or actility.

It is the Actility ?

Who’s define that your product is Actility or TTN mode ?

Remove the device and re-add with the following steps Add new ==> Devices/Widget ==> Lora ==> TTN ==> then search for LS-134

Thank you very much Shramik, it is working now.

Best Regards