Had to restart the App for the digital button to start working again

My issue is about the Android application. The device is a raspberry pi 3 model B (not +) through MQTT.

It happened to me yesterday that I would click on the digital app button, the state of the virtual button would change (color change) but the action would not propagate to the raspberry pi (no message received).

I had to close the app and restart it for the virtual button to start working again.

To me it seems that the app was silently ignoring a communication error with the server. I would prefer the app to fail in error cases because I have no other way of telling if the action went through if I’m not in my home.

What would be the next step to help diagnose this?

Hi @francoisgervais.
Thanks for reporting this issue. i will put this forward to the team for development.

A workaround can be In your code when you read the status of the button, store the value in a variable and send it back again to another two state widget. so that you can come to know the state of the button.

That’s a geat idea, I’ll do that, thank you

Hi @shramik_salgaonkar,

I implemented your suggestion and it works great. Now I get a way better insurance that the rpi actually got the command.

Here I made a video showing the issue if that helps solving it to some degree.

One would think that the button icon state would only change once the server acknowledged the transaction but we see in the video that this is not the case. It happily changes state even if the server didn’t get it. Once the app is restarted, it works as expected.

Oh and I’m sorry if that bothers, my daughter is talking quite a bit and I had to talk in french also, pretty chaotic video hehe.

thanks for reporting this issue and glad the workaround is working for you. As for this issue, the team is trying to find a solution.

Not a problem at all. I hope she is liking what her father is doing with cayenne :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello i have problem with app to. When push button just scrolling and nothing happened. I must restart android app then work again. Is possible problem in my sketch??

is not problem offline or bad connection because i try everything. Just reset app helps!!!
please help!! thanks… and happy new year :smile:

Does your mobile have internet connection?

Yes! When i restart app work ok again.

can you PM me your email_id. which is the app version you are using and which mobile device you have have?

I send email to PM. I have Xiaomi Pocophone F1 app version is: 1.5.7-105 . The same problem happening on my girlfriend iOS mobile phone. On PC work fine.

can you update the app to version 1.5.10

Hello update app and tested but not alot of improvement. Still not working 90% of time must restart app to trigger work on/off

trigger is not depended on mobile app. can you provide detail on this?

Sorry my mistake i mean button not trigger :blush:. I test trigger for me work great!

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I have similar issue: is I keep on my mobile the application in background for a longer time (more than 1 min) then in the Android app button do no react and remain in rolling and not trigger.
Same issue is also in the web page on computer but after longer time – here workaround is to refresh the page …
On Android app, you need to close it and restart and sometime even logout and login again…

issue is persistent…

@adinenceanu as i said trigger are independent of the app or web dashboard.
i was not able to reproduce the button issue when the app is kept in the background. i had the app in background for 15min and the button still works.

Hi, I have the same problem… When de App in Android stays for aprox 15 or 20 minuts in background i cant active and desactive a led in my arduino, I have to restart the app to works Again.
At the web alway runs, but at the app no.

Sorry for my english!

I have Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and Cayena 1.5.10 .

@juanjosecm85 @adinenceanu what is the android version?

Android 8.0.0 OPR1.7170623.024
MIUI Global 10.0

I have 3 Android Samsungs:

  • S8 SM-G950F: Android 8.0.0 SEPF_SM-G950. Build R16NW.G950FXXU4CRL4
  • A8 SM-A530F: Android 8.0.0 SEPF_SM-G950. Build R16NW.A530FXXS3BRL1
  • my wifes S9: Android n.n.n. (not know yet:-))

And even today in the morning shows me that App working ok, but was stucked as while as I send from ESP8266 a time now widget and showed 01:15 and the time was 10:42.
For Computer web page it is working ok.
More, you told me on the other thread that the Line Charts shows ok… but not… see below: for day shows hour, let’s say 1