High battery usage


When reporting bugs, it’s most helpful if you can include:

  • Android device info (e.g. Nexus 6P)
    Samsund Galaxy S6 (Marshmallow, Spritn stock firmware, no root)

  • Raspberry Pi device info (e.g. Pi 2 w/ Raspbian Jessie version 02/26)
    Raspberry Pi w/Raspbian Jessie 8

Any time you can, please send us screenshots showing your issue on the device or highlighting your feedback. Screenshots are very helpful!

My phone is rarely used during the day other than responding to a few texts, using calculator, etc. Before the app was installed, I would routinely get to 5pm with at least 70% battery life.


We’ll take a look into this and monitor for a few days to get some battery usage statistics.

Did you leave the Cayenne app open on your phone? Or did you close it out and it ran in the background processes?



I rarely if ever actually close apps. Cayenne was opened, I tried toggling some pins and checked the configuration of the Pi, and then went on to using the phone for texting, email, etc.

I suspect this may be tied to the faulty Pi that had the faulty GPIO. The network bandwidth (as reported by the widget) was consistently pegged at 10.