How do I record the info on my dashboard long term?


Hello all,

I am using this system to monitor machinery. If the machinery conditions change, and they produce bad product, it would not be evident for almost 6 weeks later.
(Product needs to “age” for 5 weeks undisturbed in EXTREMELY harsh conditions. I couldn’t test product then even if I wanted too)
And the conditions of the machinery may have changed again, making diagnostics extremely difficult. But if I can record the information and view it 6 weeks later and compare it to current conditions I believe I will gain a better understanding of my process and become more efficient.

How can I know for sure that I can view my data at a later date. What if it is 5 years later? Will it still be on this site?


currently you can view data only for 1 month. there is an option to download data if you need.


Does the download require hardware or I can just search for the method?



Oh…! Well then I apologize for being blind and lazy! The data is only delivered as raw numbers… But I could copy paste those into an excel spreadsheet and make charts from it. Is that what you would recommend to retain easy to read data from this site?


give the download option once a try.


I did right away when you showed me. It looks like an excel spreadsheet filled with data. At the top of each row it is labeled, Device ID, Time stamps… all the way to “Value”. and that is the position of my potentiometer in this test phase.
But this is all anolog data. Maybe digital data saves in an easy to read format?


if you are sending analog data from the potentiometer it will consist of analog data.


As Shramik said potentiometer will always be analog data. I see you have a separate digital widget there, you should only see 0/1 values in the value column for that one. As for the other columns you can just delete them if you don’t need them.

To answer your excel question, yes once you download it you can make formulas to manipulate or show reports for the data. You may have to save as an .xlsx file first.


@shramik_salgaonkar this reminds me of a feature request from a while ago, is there any news on exporting or automatically saving data to Google Drive or Dropbox?


this can be done using REST API making a get request to:

curl --request GET \
  --url '<device_id>/sensors/<widget_id>/summaries?type=latest' \
  --header 'authorization: Bearer <access token>'

and specify the required time period.