No chart data from thermistor

Arduino uno, w5100, thermistor 1%, web dashboard

I started to monitor temperature yesterday.
If I want to switch to chart, there’s always info “No data available for this period”.

I removed sensor and added it again.
Still no data to show chart.

Live view is working fine.
but m, h, d, w, etc. shows “No data available for this period”
Custom also shows error.

@rob, any thoughts?

You can identify my profile with my forum email. It’s the same as account.
I can do some tests just define them :wink: ??

Any info in this subject?
It seams that no data is saved from temperature sensor.
No history or archive data.

Second issue is that “Live view” is cleared when phone goes to standby mode and when I unlock it, chart is restarted, so there’s no way to get temp change from more than 1 min… (you have to touch your phone all the time - no to let it go to sleep)

Hi @mikolaj,

Sorry about this, hopefully we can figure out what is going on. You are using the web dashboard right? You mentioned your phone so want to be sure. And you are using the Cayenne Arduino library? …not mqtt…


@mikolaj, @bestes

I couldn’t sleep so ran a test. :slight_smile:

I can reproduce this with the thermistor widget, but not with a generic Analog Input widget pointed at the exact same Virtual pin. Which means we may have a bug with the thermistor widget, but the positive side is that there is an easy workaround:

  1. Delete the thermistor widget which was not graphing properly.

  2. Add New > Device/Widget > Sensors > Generic > Analog Input, and set it to the same Virtual pin that you specified in your sketch. No need to change the sketch file at all.

If you see the same behavior I did, this new widget will have a fully functioning graph.

Switching to analogue device works fine.
There’s one issue - there’s no time (X scale) legend on main screen.

I have made another screen video with termistor.
It seams that value is updated only at the beginning - when you enter a device. After this the value is still and is changing if you “exit” to devices menu and enter it again - see this.

Well it’s not bugless :wink:
Live view is broken showin 0.00 all the time while minumte, hour, day data is available.
You can see this here

See also that on 1:45sec in my movie… minute chart was not updated after one minute?
Is it because I have touched it to zoom it? or move it? and you don’t want to reload it during this magnifying?

So last timestamp is 6:02PM and my phone is 18:04 (6:04PM). Where is value from 6:03PM :slight_smile:

As a newbie to cayenne - I don’t use mqtt at all.

As it’s related. I just installed Cayenne and I’m having a bunch of issues related to this. But the Arduino IDE ONLY allows for the mqtt version of the library to be installed. Historical data is not being recorded for a temperature and pascal data.