Latest Agent version for Raspberry Pi?


Where can I find information regarding the latest available agent version that is possible to install on a Raspberry Pi?
Will the installed software be automatically updated or do I need to do some actions to get it updated?

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Here you go :slight_smile:


Sorry that I was a bit unclear; I meant the latest Cayenne version.

The agent automatically updates, so no need to worry about having the latest version. If you download from the link in the dashboard it will always be the latest version.


May I ask you another question and regarding the scheduler?

I have four On/Off tasks; two in the morning and two in the evening, and they are turning on and off some lights.

The only ones that are working are the ones that turns on the lights in the morning and turning off the lights in the evening.

Is it possible for you to login on my raspberry and check the configuration?

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Unfortunately with the standard Pi agent there isn’t really much that can be configured. It should “just work”. I’m kind of confused as to what isn’t working for you, from what you said it sounds like both the on and both the off are working?


I’ll try again to describe my situation.

In the morning, when it is still dark I use the scheduler to turn on the lights in my daughters rabbit cages. When the darkness disappears I want the scheduler to turn off the lights, but this doesn’t work.I need to turn off the lights manually.

In the evening when it gets dark again I would like the scheduler to turn on the lights, but it doesn’t work so I need to turn them on manually.

By Midnight the scheduler does it’s task and turns the lights off as scheduled.

So it works only 2 of 4 times a day.

Hope I was a bit clearer now.

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Ah, yes it makes sense now. Can you share a screen shot of how you have your schedules set up?