Lora Widgets - ELSYS ERS

Ii have successfully added the ELSYS ERS with the CO2 option.
In a Cayenne project I can add a few widgets like Location, Temperature and Humidity but not the CO2 and Luminosity i.e. they cannot be dragged onto the board.

Hi @ove.nygren,

Can you paste a screenshot of what you are talking about? This would be most helpful. Thank you!


Here is the screenshot. Looks like the CO, Luminosity, Motion and VDD properties are different somehow. They are visible on the “homescreen” though. If I look at their Settings the “Choose widget” field is missing.

Forgot to mention that when trying to drag the problematic properties on to the board nothing happens - no error message or anything.

@croczey @rsiegel see anything on your end here?


That’s a strange one. Does using the ‘Reset Dashboard’ option from the Elsys ERS device dashboard (in the settings menu on the upper-right) cause these widgets to retain their ‘Choose Widget’ field? You may need to wait for the next payload to be received on our side if they disappear after running that function.

No, I tried that several times with no luck.

If you’re not particularly tied to any historical data on any of those widgets, I’d be interested if deleting and re-adding the Elsys ERS device resolves it either.

Is it possible to add support for the Elsys ERS Sound as well?

Javascript decoder can be found here Elsys Payload – en
And a pdf with payload description here https://elsys.se/public/documents/Elsys-LoRa-payload.pdf

we can look into adding it, but will not be done any soon.