LT-33222-L Relay Output Pulse

now, check if you receive data on the TTN console once you press the button on the cayenne dashboard.

Thank you, It works great now on the website, only I tried this earlier on the app. But something is not going very well there! On my smartphone the button keeps turning without ends. But the APP has generally more crazy things something about the grapicsh of the Day “D”. It looks like it represents a day of 12 hours instead of 24 hours! But that is about all devices.! Screenshot_20200111-014741|281x500 It’s now 01:55 in early the morning and i see only the morning results yesterday till the midday. But that is maybe for an other topic?

Thank you for making the changes. I can control an output now. Which is great.
When I send the command to turn on Relay1 it sends 03 01 00 to TTN
This turns OFF Relay2
If Relay1 is ON and I send a command to turn on Relay2 it sends 03 00 01 to TTN
This turns ON Relay2 and turns OFF Relay1.
it SHOULD send 03 xx 01
Where xx is last known state of Relay1
Note, the button display for Relay1 does not change to reflect its new status of OFF.

Also the commands to Digital Outputs 1,2&3 always send 02 00 00 00 to TTN
When I send a command to turn ON DigitalOutput1 it SHOULD send 02 01 xx xx
Where xx is last known state of DigitalOutput2&3

Is there any plan to support Type code 05 - timed pulse output of the relays?

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exact save issue observed yesterday when I tried it. wrong codes sent to TTN. I don’t see any device description file you can make amendment to these errors. ish Cayenne made this available to users. cause there are thousands of devices and I don’t think they have enough resources to fix all issues.

@anthony1 will look into the issue.
@dnkn we have something called cayenne LPP in which user can add their own devices and their sensors to cayenne. But all other supported device does not have customisation option.


  1. For the Relay and Digital Outputs are you sure the values should be 01 for open/on and 00 for close/off? Is that the results you are seeing with tests or do you have access to some other doc or something? The doc we have says the reverse: 01 is close/off and 00 is open/on. we can invert them if the doc is incorrect.
  2. The button display will not update the status until the device sends a new uplink.
  3. We don’t have any current plans to support type code 05 since we don’t really have widgets for that.
    Also do you know what version of the firmware you are using?

It’s no problem for me, but he’s right. The button gives a hard code to force the control of both relays. This is actually due to the limitation of the device that the payload cannot make a difference between R1 and R2. It is quite complicated to read a status first. But even then the device cannot make a distinction when receiving this single payload. Then Cayenne would first read the status of the device and process it in the next payload. But that is very susceptible to interference and in the case of poor reception, weird things can happen.

thanks for mentioning it @Hartronics

Thank you, It is difficult to operate when both relays have a separate function. Because when 1 Relay is operated, the other is always switched off! In case: 030100 Payload function Byte1 = Type03 means Relay function and Byte2 (01) = Relay1 and Byte3 (00) = Relay2. Both relays are always controlled with 1 payload. I always do this via TTN. Then I can toggle both relays at my discretion. Perhaps there is an option to provide the button with a preset option for both relays. I think that is too complicated. Solution: Make a note on the BUTTON that it is a changeover switch. One red = 0, the other green = 1, then the relay function is just a changeover switch. Problem solved for Cayenne!

i did not understand this. can you elaborate?

Sorry for the late response. I mean: The two buttons in Cayenne will send 1 payload at a press, so that both relays are switched at the same time. When these two buttons are seen as a combination, people will take this as a changeover switch! So when one button is pressed, the other will be inverted. The 1 green, the other red. That might be better accepted than you say it is not supported :grin:
A limitation in the device that makes it impossible to control both relays separately is not Cayenne’s problem :innocent:

okay. thanks for briefing it.

Hello, any update? I think I have the same issue. I can correctly display on cayenne widgets the received upstream data from LT-33222 over LPS8 gateway and TTN network server. But I cannot control the LT-33222 using the Cayenne widgets (Digital Output x for example, I did not tested the Relays). I can do it via the TTN Console. On the TTN console I can check the downstream payload sent from Cayenne and they are wrong. The correct payload (if I set Digital Output 1) should be 02 01 00 00, but instead the payload is always 02 00 00 00. No matter which Digital Output I toggle, the payload is always 02 00 00 00. I have tried to remove and re add the device, change the widget icon and finally to create a custom widget but this last option seems to not be working if you do not add a Microcontroller device… Is there a way to fix it by our self? Thanks

I’m having the same issue. I have a digitalOutput on channel 17 connected via TTN.
When I click on the button in Cayenne dashboard, the data that shows in the TTN log is 11 00 64 FF
It should be 11 01 64 FF

The same for an analogOutput on channel 3. When the slider is moved on the Cayenne dashboard TTN logs 03 00 1E FF it should be 03 03 1E FF

It looks like Cayenne is incorrectly always setting the second byte to 00

can you private message me your DevEUI and email.