Mobile Data, Raspberry Pi with Cayenne Question

Hi, I would like to set up some remote monitoring using Cayenne on a Raspberry Pi, which in turn would be connected to a MIFI router connected to the internet so that I can access the data wherever I may be.

However, before I buy any of the things needed to build this project, I’d like to know if using a MIFI device would work and when I’m not accessing it, how much data will it use, if any. Thanks in advance

MiFi is just a portable device with inbuilt wifi. So there should not be any issue connecting a device to it.

Thanks Shramik. Once connected, will your servers interrogate it or will it talk to your servers and if so, any idea of the amount of data it will use in a set period of time ?
I’m just trying to find out the data usage, for obvious reasons. Thanks

have a look at this

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Just might be what I needed, great, thanks again Shramik

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