Newbie help please. Raspberry Pi and KOOKYE kit


I have a raspberry Pi installed with Cayenne and I can view the Pi from the online interface.

I have setup a BMP-180 sensor as per the tutorial video on the website, but when I add the sensor in the dashboard it does not work or detect it.

I’ve attached an image, any ideas what I am doing wrong?


If you follow this guide when you get to the “Using the Adafruit BMP Python Library” page do you get any values back? This will rule out a problem with the device, wiring, or i2c

Thanks Adam,

Before I go down that route.

I just set it all up again from scratch and then had it reading temperatures for a few minutes. I then re-added the widget/device and it wont find it again. Restarted the Pi and the same problem. No wiring or anything was changed from when it was working, just a reboot.

Any thoughts? Suspect wiring, breadboard or hardware?

I couldn’t even get a light to actuate.

Breadboard connections feel slightly loose, is that normal I have never used one before?

No, not normal to have breadboard connections lose. In fact the first time you put something in them it can take quite a bit of force. I’d try another breadboard and also go through the adafruit setup and double check everything is working at a very local level. If it works locally then we know there is a Cayenne/networking problem.

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