"No data available for this period" for graph, live data is shown


@picaxe1 the issue has been solved now. Can you give it a try.


Things were working pretty well for most of Sept but now there is no history accessible under Custom Plots more than about 1pm the previous day. This is same for Actual Pi temperature plots and MQTT etc.
~ Andrew



This is for 26th to 27th of DS18B20 but it displays last 18 hours only.
~ Andrew


Can you PM me your email_id


Can not see how to send an e-mail directly but the same login here is the name of the account and you can e-mail me directly on this any time for login etc… Nothing critical on this test setup
~ Andrew


Same issue at present e.g.

Asked for Custom Dates shown and image shows the result (last 18 - 24 hrs only)
Interestingly the ‘Week’ view works
I would be curious to know of others in other countries can follow the share link and make it work properly…
I.e. prove my pet theory that this is a date line NZ Summer Time coding issue ? Here is the share link:
~ Andrew


let me check with the team.


Further of interest / may help…
When scrolling on plot to zoom out the custom box updates and graph plots correctly (only data shown is for last 24 hours)

But then it ‘auto expands’ back out to fill the plot area to show just the last 24 hours
~ Andrew


we have a fix for charts and will have a update soon.