Problems of showing data in My Project

I have 3 identical nodes to get data of temperature and humidity and battery voltage.
They are all connected to TTN V3, I can see the complete data of each node in TTN.
The payload decoder is Cayenne LPP.
In myDevices I get the complete data of each node separately.
But when I try to create a new project showing the data of each of the nodes on one page I have a problem.
For the first node I can drag/drop all of the data (temperature, humidity, battery voltage, SNR, RSSI).
For the second node I cannot implement the SNR data.
For the third node I cannot implement the SNR data and the temperature data.
This behaviour is reproduceable, I tried it several times.
I added a sreenshot.
What Iā€™m doing wrong?
Best regards Thomas

can you private message me your email id.

Hello, can you help me or give some explanations?
Best regard

Problem solved!
I resetted the dashboard.

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