Non discovery - Android App

Important to note I only experienced this while attempting with a new account. App does not do this with my existing account.

Android device info (e.g. Nexus 6P):
Samsung S5 Active

Raspberry Pi device info (e.g. Pi 2 w/ Raspbian Jessie version 02/26):
Multiple RPi2b’s and a Zero with varing versions of Jessie including 03/18 both wired and WiFi’d into the network

Describe the steps it took to produce the bug / issue:
App install went well., .15, and .23 all already had Cayenne installed under another account - no discovery was a freshly formated SD with 2016-03-18-raspbian-jessie.img on WiFi - no discovery

Pi not discovered.
Multiple Pi 2Bs with jessie 2016-02-09 updated.
Used dropbox to install on
android v 4.44,
baseband MSM8610BP-1803.346.31.00R,
kernal 3.4.42-G6bc7ff3 / hudsoncm@ilclbld27 #1 / Tue Jun 24 20:39:20 CDT 2014
Build number KXC21.5-40
Security Enhancements for Android: I do not have this setting
Have static “My Devices” screen not showing any Pi, so “setup” button does nothing.

Better organization to just update this post I think.

Phone and Pi s on same class c network, verified pi s online with ssh.
Used existing account during setup.
I have the last “My devices” page of your screen shots, have not seen the one with radar screen.
Pi not listed when I use phone to scan, I do see my printer though.

Any weird network configuration stuff you have going on?

Also, phone wifi needs to be the same as the network that the Pi is on.



Barry, I hope the pictures clarify my ramblings.


Yes, and I hope that helped with my post.

When I used my existing accounts the app discovered RPi’s with and without Cayenne installed.

Indeed, makes me think we are seeing two different problems looking at your added info. For now we’ll let @bestes and @bmeriwether sort it out :grin:

Thanks Barry,


We are investigating additional discovery protocols to try and help with this. @Ian I think you mentioned that you don’t have iOS to test, but for anyone else coming across this… it would be helpful if you could compare the iOS app and the Android to see if the iOS app is any better at finding the missing Pi. There are some differences currently in how they detect and we’re working to close the gap.

Also, a new version of iOS app was just approved by Apple, so wait some hours and it will have an updated discovery feature.


Bottom line up front. No discovery with Samsung S5, but did get discovery with Nexus 7.

Here are my notes from this afternoon’s experiences with a RPi 3b-

format sd card image with 2016-03-18-raspbian-jessie.img expand and localize no discovery with Samsung S5 Active sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade reboot no discovery with S5 ssh from phone to RPi ping via ssh from phone

ifconfig from phone

clear cache remove cayenne from phone reinstall .32a make new account no discovery with S5

clear cache remove cayenne from phone reinstall cayenne login with regular account installed RPi's are there no discovery of RPi3 confirm on network with ifconfig and ping to

And then things got weird, I grabbed my Nexus 7 tablet, you know the one .32a isn’t supposed to work on. Opened Cayenne and only saw the 4 already loaded RPi’s. I hit the reload button once and low and behold-

So I mashed down on install and all that happened was the button changed color.

Aw crap that didn’t work, now what? So I backed out to the desktop and went back into Cayenne and this is happening-

Then tapping on Ready to use gets me nowhere, so again I back out and reenter Cayenne and this time all 5 RPi’s show up in the device list and seem to work fine.


I just noticed that in this photo the Nexus isn’t on the network. WTF over.

lol I feel your pain.

We pushed a fix for this in the new build.