Not opening on samsung

Have spent all afternoon trying to get cayenne to open on my Samsung Galaxy S7, using a MS10 Lenovo computer. The pending device shows up and never loads. Had a hard time reading the youtube message to sample code. " Raspberry Pi Cayenne Install from a PC - YouTube " Very interested in using your programs. Happy New Year.

which device are you using Arduino or raspberry pi?

My apologies for not including that. A Raspberry PI 3 V1.2 Going to attempt with an UNO.

can you try and check whether you can install cayenne agent on pi from the web dashboard?

No I cannot. Tried Arduino also could not use the web connection.

Happy New Year!

which code did you use and what type of connection with arduino?

We live in different time zones and I find your products to hard to use. So I am going to remove myself from your services!

Good Day.