Not receiving emails or texts from temp triggers


you need to update to the latest Raspberry Pi Agent 2.0


Thanks, but like I said above, I did that yesterday. I’ll do it again.


do it again and if it still occurs let me know.


Will do, and again, thanks so much for your help.


I went into the dash board and removed the old PI. I then used the command line to re-add the software to the PI. Once it rebooted My temp sensors showed up automatically on the dash board and show the correct Temperature . When I go to add the Trigger I get different values.



you can add the value in the value box.


I get ya, I just need to figure out how the 0 to 1 correlates with the temperature from the sensor. I believe the sensor range is from -55 to 125 (Per pic uploaded above from before)? I’ll try and use the old range and figure out what the temps would be for the new range.


yes, or what is the temp value you want to get notification you can enter it. example if you want to be notified if the temp has gone above 25, then you need to add 25 in the value box.