Nothing really works on ios version 9

Device & model you are using: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

Dashboard: Android and Web


I have installed relay which I want to control through the app. Worked for few days and then went dead.

I setup the relay to work from GPIO pin 18 from the web interface. After a while the setting will show the channel as: DEV:XXXXXXXX

Installed DS18b20 temp sensor… the same thing as above.

Removed device added it as new —> ds not even detected…

Trying to enable onewire fro web interface —> everything gets stuck and error message about invalid parameters appear.

The datalogger does not work, even the CPU temperature charts are dead…

Rasp is running fine…

This is geting VERY frustrating I have literally spent tens of hours for nothing. Are we getting sotware which actually works at some point? This is way too unreliable for something serious when even basic stuff fails on daily basis.

we are aware of this bug and working on this.

Are you referring to pi device?

Thanks for reporting this, i will put this bug to the team.

check the limitation Raspberry Pi Agent 2.0

Sorry for the inconvenience, we are working on providing the best platform for the users and team is working really hard on getting it done soon. We also have some cool new features to be launced in coming days.

Removed device added it as new —> ds not even detected…

Are you referring to pi device?

I am referring to onewire which should be automatically detected (and was before the agent update)

Follow this to connect a DS18b20 Cayenne Docs.

Ds is connected according to the tutorial. It worked a while and then got stuck to certain temp.

Tried to reinstall after that no detection.

Relay control is also still down…

try adding a new relay control with different GPIO pin.

share the output of tail -f /var/logs/myDevices/cayenne.log