Remote Desktop can use a user other than root

What dashboard are you using? (Web, iOS, Android)

Web (firefox)

What OS? (Jessie, Wheezy)


What Model Pi?

3 Model B

Please describe the bug / issue. Attaching any relevant screenshots would be very helpful!

Managed to successfully login to remote desktop- I imagined (nearly-) live control of mouse cursor etc.

What I am presented with is a blank desktop (bar the wastebasket). None of my own desktop files/folders are present, none of my customisations, and via File Manager I can’t even see the files present on the RPi SD.

The only features that do make me realise it’s my own pi is the wifi connectivity is the same.

Am I missing something? Is this intended functionality?

Hmmm, Did you try Chrome? Does Chrome behave the same?


Yeah I’ve tried safari OS X which didn’t work, chrome (which did the same as above) and safari iOS which did the same as above too.

Would you mind sending picture or screenshot of the screen you are seeing? No rush, but will be helpful when we try to troubleshoot / reproduce.


Also what verison of Jessie would be helpful.


My apologies.

Version is Jessie 8.0.

Screengrab of mac side in chrome (ignore sh silliness):

Screengrab of pi side in same session:



Please allow me to apologize for our friend, @bestes, it seems he has forgotten his manners. What he should have started with is this-

Welcome to the Cayenne Community!

Now that I’ve thrown our fearless leader under the bus, lets get to the topic at hand.

I did what you did with the same results-

^^ this is the desktop logged in locally to the pi ^^

^^ this is the same pi logged in remotely via Cayenne ^^

What I think is important in both your examples and mine is that you will note in the terminal windows we are logged in as different users in each instance. On the local machine we are logged in as pi@xxxxxx, and on the remote desktop we are logged in as # (pound sign, or if you’re a youngster hashtag) meaning we are logged in as root.

So I would assert that when Cayenne remotes in it logs in as root. I will let @bestes confirm this, and find out if there is a way to log in to other users while remoted in.

Also, completely off topic, I noticed you used the command line to use scrot to get your screen grab. Raspbian Jessie supports the print screen button activate scrot. Hit print screen and it dumps a time stamped png file in your home/pi file.

Again, welcome to the fray,


Many thanks Ian,

Just odd when one has used other VMCs in the past!

I was only scrotting because my daft keyboard is devoid of useful keys like that. I had to map a pipe sign onto it too…

@bestes - Benny, are/will there be options to log in as anything besides root?

lol. I was just making sure you were aware of the implementation of scrot in Jessie, I wish I could help with an implementation of better hardware for your setup.


@barnestom @Ian making a change here for logging in as anything besides root would be low on our road map. I’m going to change this to an Idea / Suggestion though so I can track it, hope this is okay with you.

I think you can log in as different user on command line interface using su pi , not sure if that’s an acceptable workaround or not.


I can see why a low priority- but for mostly GUI users like me the Remote Desktop feature would have been nice if it did load with easy access to the user desktop.