RPi - replaced SD card, now cannot get back up and running with Cayenne

Cayenne somehow corrupted the SD card on my Raspi2. I reformatted the card, reimaged, went through the entire software reinstall on the Pi The web dashboard no longer connects with the Pi and a “Search for devices” finds a new Pi but it says “Offline” as well.

Can somebody steer me in the right direction here.


It’s pretty rare for software to corrupt a Pi’s SD card, although it would be possible. The most common cause of corrupted SD cards is not issuing a poweroff command and just pulling the plug. If you don’t have a backup of your installer with your unique ID you may have to remove that Pi from your dashboard and go through the process of adding a new Pi. Maybe @rsiegel will have some better suggestions on recovering.

Yeah I doubt it’s software corruption, but I appreciate the report nonetheless. Sounds like its a moot thing to argue over as you’ve already re-imaged the card.

I’m not surprised the re-install didn’t connect up with the old Pi entry on your account, we probably just see it as a new machine with a new OS install so I’d go ahead and remove that one from your dashboard.

So if I’m understanding correctly, you have a new Pi entry in your cayenne dashboard showing as ‘offline’. Toss me a screenshot if I’m misunderstanding. It must have been online for at least a bit for it to even show up in the dashboard as anything other than a grey ‘pending’ device.

I’d start with a sanity reboot of the Pi, then the troubleshooting steps that @adam so helpfully wrote for this sort of scenario: Troubleshooting Pi Showing Up as Offline in Dashboard

Pi was not shut off by unplugging or any such thing. I was actually using the Cayenne app when it happened. I was trying to find out why the processor was always at 100 % so I was switching off some options -such as I2C, Serial etc and when I went to save the configuration the Pi went offline. I went to the Pi and it was off and would not restart. I thought it was the Pi so I swapped it out with the same results, it wouldn’t do a darn thing. Swapped the SD and it booted right up. Swapped back to original Pi, tried the SD again and same problem. So I proceeded to build a new Boot SD, booted the pi and reinstalled the cayenne software etc

Anyway, the response to my problem that gave a link to check why the Pi is showing Offline gave me the answer to the problem of getting back up and running with Cayenne… I built a boot with Jessie lite. DANG! I thought maybe that would reduce the overhead and lower the processor utilization. Oh Well. Back to reimaging and rebuilding.

Thanks for the help. (however, I still contend that Cayenne corrupted the SD card somehow.