Settings problem with DS18S20

When using DS18B20 I can no longer adjust the settings in mydevices. When a click on the icon settings nothing happens, the triggers can be set. Attempted on different computers with windows and also macbook becoming the same. If installed again a few times but does not help. With my iphone and Ipad I manage to adjust it.

can you share a screenshot of it.

8no reaction with settings at the temperature icons. when I remove the temperature sensor, the settings work back from the icons.

I’m having the same problem…

Same here, I can hover over settings and it’s slightly highlighted, however clicking on it does nothing. I can still change it from the iPhone however.

I read your comment and indeed the same problem. Hopefully they will find a solution. I can also adjust it via App on my iphone or ipad, but the adjustment does not work through the browsers. Fahrenheit does change in Celsius but the value remains in Fahrenheit.

Yeah I have that problem as well that if I change it in the phone app it doesn’t reflect back correctly in the web browser…

The same problem on my dashbord… (not only temp…, also actuator widgets…)

I found a bit of a work around. If you select the ‘settings’ on the widget and make sure that the web URL has changed to reflect the settings has been selected. Then if you reload the web page sometimes the settings will pop up. Sometimes I have to try reloading the page a few times in order to get it to work… Now I have the problem of deleting the widget/probe… That seems to hang up. :frowning:

I have tried it and sometimes I manage to call up the settings menu but it is not complete. For example, I can not yet adjust the fahrenheit to celsius value. Thanks for the effort anyway

Yeah I still have that problem too I can’t set it to Celsius. If its not available normally or not I don’t know at this point.

Hi everyone,
We’re aware of this setting issue & working on a fix.
We’ll let you guys know when we have the fix deployed.