Slice of radio


Hello, anyone using a slice of radio (xrf ciseco radio module) connected to GPIO to receive inputs from wireless sensors such as in PrivateEyePi projects?

I am not able to understand how to configure GPIO in cayenne dashboard to receive data from the sensors. Any help?


Hi @asher.cohen ,

Welcome to the Cayenne community! I’ll admit I’ve no experience with slice of radio…what kind of input are you trying to send?

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It’s just an I/O from a pir sensor connected to a ciseco module that sends llap messages to the slice of radio attached to the gpio port of the raspberry pi to detect motion…any experience with privateeyepi and their diy projects?
Hey provide python apps that read data from the sensors and send them to their dashboard server. I wanted to avoid their server by using cayenne as my dashboard so I could trigger events and motion detections.

One question is if the serial UART has to be switched on in the settings or not?because I had to disable it to make the python apps work.

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So a friend that already worked with this system is providing help soon on this topic (twitter @tylerwp) . I would like to ask him if he is using the same exact configuration as in PrivateEyePi.


Hey sorry for the late reply, busy week! I am using PrivateEyePi and Cayenne.
My setup is fairly simple tho, I just have door sensors running to the Pi and I have both PrivateEyePi and Cayenne monitoring the GPIOs independently. The only other thing I have done it set PrivateEyePi’s alarm to trigger another GPIO that Cayenne is monitoring to log and trigger Cayenne events.

Is the PrivateEyePi app not responding to events from your SOR?
One of the problems I had with PrivateEyePi is the app would sometimes need to be restarted.


Thanks for the help mate!your config page helped me working out the generic sensor behaviour. Now I have cayenne reading events on the same UART pins of my pi that PEP privateeyepi’s app is working on (where the slice of radio module is attached, suppose you are using the wireless module aswell do you?) .I did not trigger an independent gpio from PEP to make it read by cayenne, is this necessary? I am receiving alerts from cayenne the same way as PEP dashboard is sending me his, but my new issue is with the delay I am receiving them. I can understand that time is needed to send data to both servers and then email me the alert but it looks like it takes too long. Are you having the same issue? #privateeyepi @tylerwp


no problem! The alert I am using is from privateeyepi alarm setup. You can have privateeyepi trigger an alarm that would set off a loud speaker or something. I instead am using it to log the event to cayenne, from there I can setup events in cayenne. I have no real plans to go any further with privateeyepi, I just wanted to see what all I could do with it.
My goal is to only use cayenne for my home security project. The release of cayenne on arduino is worth the wait as this would really make this type of project come together if they can share events.


I’ll better wait the serial data reading in cayenne to end my project. For the moment I will use it like this. Thanks again.


Ok another question came to mind while thinking on the project. I am asking you since you have some experience with xrf …let’s say I start from scratch, no privateyepi around, only raspberry, slice of radio, xrf modules and the normal sensors that cayenne works with. Now, I assume that xrf module work only on UART pins, but this means they just link the sensor to the pi with a serial connection. How would I connect the sensors to xrf module?when the tutorial says to connect the temperature sensor to a gpio pin, does this mean I can connect it to the xrf TX pin and this will be sent to uart’s Rx pin working just like it’s physically connected to the pi? @tylerwp @bestes #need-help-with-my-project


Hi @asher.cohen,

Cayenne has certain device drivers already baked into the installation. These sensors can be added no problem as long as they are wired correctly.

Unfortunately, we have not opened ability to read UART or Serial on Pi. After Arduino integration, we’re going to work on allowing you to bring on any sensor with the Pi. Unfortunately, I don’t think it is possible to combine xrf module with Cayenne at this moment. But our goal is to allow anyone to add any sensor to Cayenne.