Sodaq ONE and Cayenne LPP issue


In console I have added Integration with Cayenne. Sodaq ONE is sending a payload in Cayenne format. I can see it in TTN console. However, when I add a sensor (Sodaq ONE) in, no data is received.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

PS My DevEUI is 0004a30b001ad69b

Lora expert @eptak tagging for this.

Hi @alexander,

We check our logs for your DevEUI and we don’t see any packets from TTN with that id.


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@shramik_salgaonkar Thank you

@asanchezdelc Adrian, I am running this software on Sodaq ONE in Cayenne LPP format:

(I can see in the TTN console that the payload received in Cayenne LPP format. I have integration setup (status running) where process id is matching the url part of mydevices after /lora/. Everything is setup. What else did I miss? Why don’t you see DevEUI 0004A30B001AD69B?



When choosing the integration, did you choose Cayenne? or a custom HTTP integration?

Adrian, I have chosen Cayenne.

Hi Adrian,

I did try a different Sodaq One, but no luck.
What could the problem be please? I can see I am receiving a payload in TTN like
The integration is setup, but not working.
The payload is CayenneLPP formatted.

EDIT: Please note that the DeviceEUI is 0004A30B001FC820
I can receive some data if I add Cayenne LPP as Device, but if I add Sodaq ONE, it does not work.
Appreciate if you could look into this.


Hi Alexander,

I’m really not seeing any traffic for that DevEUI.
Could you try by “simulating” packets with TTN console ?

@eptak I have just done that but I cannot see anything under Sodaq in

Please see the following screenshots:

I can set it up under Cayenne LPP, but nothing is seen under Sodaq ONE.
Why does it not channel the payload to Sodaq ONE and why you are not seeing any traffic?

@eptak Apologies Eric, I appreciate you may be busy with other things, but any feedback or further investigation on the above please?

Still cannot connect.
There is something wrong with the TTN-Cayenne link for some devices

Could you please try to remove that guy and add it back, make sure you select TTN.
We receive packets, but they are marked as refused, meaning a bad (user, deveui, network) mapping.

I have done it probably 5 times today as follows:

  1. Deleted integration in TTN console + deleted Sodaq ONE in Cayenne console
  2. Added Sodaq One in Cayenne console with 0004A30B001FC820
    Noted the process-id after /lora/
  3. Added the new integration (process-id to the Cayenne integration) in TTN console.

Nothing comes up.
What am I doing wrong?

can you send me your login info in private message ?
I’d like to check your current configuration.


Ok, that what I thought…
Check on the upper right corner and see “Network: Acklio”.
We have a known issue when using device search where it select back the first network available (Acklio as of today).
Please remove it, select TTN, and scroll down to select the device - you can choose Cayenne LPP to avoid scrolling down too much.

Thank you Eric,

I have checked all settings many-many times. This small sign - Network: Acklio is barely visible.
OK, I have added the sensor now. Changed the integration, but now it is not updated - 11 payloads sent and nothing.

After deleting it and adding again, it finally started working!!!

Thank you Eric once again

You’re welcome, sorry for the delay in processing that and for that bug you encounter.