Talkpool OY1210 not graphing properly

I have a Talkpool OY1210 LoRaWAN CO2 installed and data is coming over fine.
However, whilst I can get graphs to show for Temp, RSSI and SNR there is a ‘No Data Available for This Period’ error on both Humidity and CO2 graphs.
The data is there but it just will not graph it.
They are all on different channels (this was set-up automatically as this is a supported device).
What am I missing here or is it a bug?

RSI and SNR will not hold data and show graph. Rest all should show. If anyone is showing error then remove that widget and let it re-add on the next uplink.

“If anyone is showing error and remove that widget and let it re-add on the next uplink”.

Dont understand the above sorry. What do you mean ‘widget’?

Widget is the container/ box where the sensor data is shown in the dashboard. Each sensor has its own widget with the sensor name on the top.
On the top right corner you will be see a clog wheel, click on it to view setting and remove the widget.

OK - so remove and start again then.
It is a fixed device - I dont need the map. Is there no way of deleting it?

you can remove the map the same way

Sorry - I do not understand. The ‘Configure’ pop up only allows me to Remove the device - there is no option to selectively delete a window. If you click on the settings for an individual window there is no option to delete that window.

Step 1:-
Screenshot 2021-09-03 at 6.36.34 PM

Step 2:-
Screenshot 2021-09-03 at 6.36.52 PM

I have a map op on the screen. I do the above and it deletes it and immediately puts back a new map with no location and it shows TWO ‘Location’ instances on the LHS. If I delete the new one it does the same again but now there are THREE instances on the LHS>

Yes - just be clear here if I delete the map it immediately replaces it with a new one and adds an instance on the LHS.
Definitely a bug.

Also - lightly OT. The data that is saved is time stamped to your time not to out local time. It shows our local time on the widget screen but the data has the wring time. Another bug?

create a new Project and drag and drop the only widget you want to view Cayenne Docs