Trigger issues - multiple alerts and no hystersis

Just having issues with triggers!

I have a trigger on a “tank level” set to 50% with a 0-100 scale, 1 increment step

EVERY TIME the device sends a value (ie every 15 sec) that is below the 50% it triggers!

So I’m getting 6 triggers PER MINUTE 24/7/365 0_o

This and no hysteresis on triggers - both fairly major issues with the trigger system!

hi @tim2 we are aware of this bug and working on it. till then you can try this workaround Sending a lot of SMS alert and email. i am sure you can code it to your preference.

That wont work as the trigger level needs to be adjustable in the web UI/app triggers section - not in the device.
Also since MQTT release there is no code space left to adjust anything on the device by sending values to it so that option is out as well.
Hope you can sort the bug soon!

The trigger should only trigger ONCE for each time the value falls below the set point - not every time it receives a value below the set point - PLUS have some definable hysteresis to limit triggers when values float around the set point

we are working on it and it will take some time. till then you can use the workaround.

Unfortunately there is no way to implement the workaround in this case so I’ll have to wait:
=> no space for additional/modified code
=> devices are 800km away