Trigger notification not recevied

i have creating trigger. When the water level reached 80, an SMS was sent to my mobile phone.But even if the water level reaches 80, I do not receive a text message.I will only receive an SMS when the trigger is set up. plz Explain the reason for this. A separate channel is defined for the trigger.

Not sure i follow what you mean.

when i am setup the trigger in first time ,trigger is working. But after few minitus its not working. again i delete my cayeene acount and re register and login. After that i again re setup the trigger as new one. in that time trigger again working. But after few minitus its not working

that is because you are sending data at rapid interval and causing SMS spam thus your network provider blocking it. I already shared the link on how to avoid this but it seems you are not understanding it and using it.

which channel have you set the trigger to on the cayenne dashboard?

Channel 1

I have deleted this program code because It get caught up in plagiarism.

are you sure?

yes sir

yes sir. why am i wrrong ?

i checked your account and the trigger is added to channel 0

Can you correct and send me sir
Because i cloud not understand it.
#define DATA_CHANNEL 0

I define Trigger channel as channel 1. That is why i am in truble .

then you need to add the trigger to channel 1 on the cayenne dashboard. Go through the link i shared again and you will understand it.

but this my cayenne
dashboard.add the trigger to channel 1

you need to set up a trigger to this channel 1

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waw sir. success. now SMS and email notification received. Now i want to limit the sms i try to your second step. Thank You

now problem is ok. Now sms limite. But now problem is when water is reached 80. notification recevied Channel 1 is turned on. But i want to get notification as Channel is reached 80. Can you help me sir?