Website Changes Feb 14 or so?

Problems I’ve seen on website, last day or two.

  1. Devices missing from Android App (another post)
  2. Cannot edit sensors from Win 10 / Chrome.
  • when I select Settings from the Cog in the upper-right of the sensor, the screen jumps, but there is no pop-up to change the particulars
  1. New graph system does not auto-scale, and I cannot find how to scale it. Scale runs up to about 70 on this graph.

What device are you using?

Can you PM me your login / password? I want to log in and see issue on both app and web. If you want, you can edit your password by going here before sending to me.



HI @jameszahary,

  1. Missing Devices on Android App - We may have found the issue with the Android app. We’ll let you know as soon as we have a fix.
  2. Cannot Edit sensors - I have been able to duplicate this issue. We’re looking into it & let you know. Although, as a temporary fix, try refreshing the browser & you should see the settings option pop up.
  3. Graph not auto-scaling - I can’t duplicate this issue. Are you able to zoom in/out or click & drag to pan on that graph?
    Can you see if maybe after the refresh, if that solves it?
    You can try a “hard refresh” by holding CTRL & click the refresh button on your browser. Or CTRL + F5.


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Hi, thanks.

  1. Fixed
  2. Not fixed, but workaround works.
  3. I found the problem.
    I had the sensor as a “value” and clicked the graph icon to see the autoscale graph.
    But I had previously had the sensor as a “graph” on the dashboard, with graph min and max set, which were still set after I changed it back the “value”, and those min/max were now controlling the pop-up graph min and max, so it would not autoscale. Take out the min/max and the popup graph is now autoscaling.

While we are here, :grinning: let me re-launch my other problem with the App - the 1 day graph. This graph on the computer shows a full 24 hours of time from 1745 → 2400 → 0 → 1745

But the same thing on the App only gives me about 9 hours from 1745 → 2400 → 0 → 0215.
So 9 hours from 24 hours ago. If I can only get 8-9 hours, I’d prefer the most recent 8 hours, not 8 hours ending 16 hours ago. Here is the 1 day graph, and a zoom-in of the start and end.